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James Kennedy, The Inspiration For 'Radio', Has Passed Away

(TMZ) "James "Radio" Kennedy -- the inspiration behind the movie, "Radio," starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. -- has died.

James, who was mentally challenged, was a true inspiration for decades. He was an unofficial 11th grader at T.L. Hanna High School since 1965, where he attended football games and often led the team onto the field

Radio -- he got his nickname because he was rarely seen without his rusty, trusty transistor radio -- got national attention back in 1996 when Sports Illustrated ran a story about Radio and the football coach, Harold Jones. The story highlighted how the town of Anderson, South Carolina accepted him.

The story was the catalyst for the movie, "Radio," which debuted in 2003.

Jones confirmed Radio's death, saying, "He was just a fine man. We all loved him. We will miss him incredibly.""

"Radio" is one of those stories that really restores your faith in humanity. Kennedy was, by all accounts, a great person with pure heart that wanted to make others happy. His life is proof positive of how kindness can go a long way in impacting both others lives, and your own. Prayers up for his family and community for losing such a great guy.