I Like The Bears By 50

We don't need to complicate this for 5 seconds. The Bears and Packers are about an hour from kick and I'm running laps in my apartment like a goddamn animal. I've had a Miller Lite IV bag slow-dripping my bloodstream for 7 straight days in anticipation of today's game. That's how we do it around here when I say Responsible and that's important because come kick off all hell is going to break loose. Calm now, chaos later. 

Speaking of chaos, that sound you hear is your girl getting wet at the thought of spending her Sunday with Murders Row at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Lombard Illinois

That's the one on 207 East Roosevelt. Come fuck some Garlic Parm boneless up with your boys. 

Elsewhere, OUR boys will be in Green Bay giving Aaron Rodgers the game of his fucking life. 

Bear weather. Check. 

Playoff implications. Check. 

Mitch Trubisky having the most Chicago name of all time. Check. 

Listen hate to break it to you guys but that's the holy trinity right there. take your 2% playoff projection and stuff it up your butt cheeks. It's win or go home time and I love our chances because I don't have a choice. It's all or nothing and for those reasons I love the Bears by 50. 

See you guys at BDubs. Bring the babes.