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OF COURSE LeBron Had To Make Bronny's Game-Winner vs His Old High School All About Him, Saying He Was 'More Nervous' Watching Than Bronny Was Playing

[Source] - "I think I was a lot more nervous than my son," James told ESPN during a halftime interview. "Coming in here and being such a surreal moment for myself, our family, for Bronny himself. It's pretty cool."

I didn't want to blog this, I really didn't. Bronny gets a steal and a go-ahead layup against St. Vincent-St. Mary's, LeBron's old high school. Okay, cool moment, whatever. I'm not going to act like it's some miracle considering LeBron made sure this game was setup in Columbus and Bronny plays a bunch of minutes. I mean if I wanted to say it was a miracle, I'd say that Bronny was letting an inferior team hang around and then had to pull something out of their ass to win. But I won't say that. 

Instead I have to focus on this quote by LeBron, who is quickly becoming the worst type of parent. The one who makes EVERYTHING their kid does about them. I mean it started with AAU when he interrupted a game where his son's friends were playing - not even Bronny


Never forget that this started one of KFC's all-time Twitter/Instagram wars

There was also the time when he overthrew Bronny's coach and hijacked a huddle: 

I think you're starting to get my point here. If you played sports growing up and/or if you're a dad now (likely both) you know this EXACT type of parent. He's the one who demands that his kid gets more playing time despite Johnny being unable to read a pick and roll correctly, but he's the one with the deepest pockets to help fund the team or be a booster so Johnny plays crunch time. He's the one who is trying to live through his son, despite - as Dave so eloquently puts it - once said he regretted naming him Bronny Jr. to put too much pressure on him. 

I mean just go look at LeBron's reaction when Bronny makes the bucket. He's on the court, he's making a show all about himself. If that's any other parent, that's a technical. Listen, I know you may not believe this but I played high school ball/AAU ball at a decently high level and played in games with buzzer beaters and go-ahead shots in the last minute. You know what was never said? A dad saying he was more nervous than one of us or a dad rushing the damn court - especially during a high school game. You know what else a parent during a high school game never had happen? A ref holding them back: 

So to recap - LeBron, who made sure that his son would play against his old high school in his home state continued to make sure everything was about him. You can't say you're going to be a regular dad at games and then do this. Then again, it's LeBron, so can we even be surprised?