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Amanda Nunes Defends Her Title, But Shows She's Not Invincible

Amanda Nunes successfully defended her UFC Bantamweight Championship tonight in Vegas, but it wasn't the usual first round annihilation we've grown used to. Tonight's championship fight with Germaine de Randamie was a grueling five round battle that I don't think anybody saw coming. 

Round 1 went about as you'd expect, where Nunes delivered an almost Khabib-esque mauling over her challenger, but as the fight progressed more and more, de Randamie showed more and more signs of life while Nunes showed nothing but decreasing cardio. It was never really a doubt, and I don't wanna make it seem like Germaine beat the shit outta Nunes, because she didn't - but she was able to make everybody's heart skip a couple beats with an upkick in the third...

...and a triangle in the fourth...

...which is a hell of a lot more than any of Nunes recent victims could say.

Nunes then got the win via unanimous decision after doing quite a bit of lying on top of her opponent in the championship rounds. Ultimately, the fight wasn't amazing, but it was full of drama, and that's more than we thought we'd get outta this, right?! We didn't get the flashy knockout, though, so I guess it's a wash. Hopefully we get a big finish in one of the next two championship fights. WAR HOLLOWAY/USMAN! Team My Mom's Basement!