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Irene Aldana Makes A STATEMENT At UFC 245 With A Flatliner Of A KO

If you weren't paying attention to UFC bantamweight Irene Aldana before - you better be now. She just went out there in her UFC 245 bout with Ketlen Vieira and hit like a fucking mack truck over and over and over again. Honestly, as soon as this punch landed... 


...I thought, "It's only a matter of time before Vieira gets knocked out cold", and those kinds of finishes aren't all that common in the UFC women's bantamweight division by any stretch of the imagination. Power like that is pretty fuckin hard to come by. That's obviously what is going to now separate Aldana from the rest, though, and something that automatically makes every one of her future fights intriguing. 

If you could put one fighter out like that - with one clean shot on the chin - you could probably put any other fighter out like that. Keep an eye on this one.