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Uhh, WHAT?!?: Cincinnati Lost To Colgate Because Jarron Cumberland Launched A Halfcourt Shot With 5 Seconds Left And Then Mayhem


You know when your college hoops (or football) team loses and you start saying to yourself 'college kids are stupid, these are just 18-22 year old kids playing'? Well, this is a prime example of what a Cincinnati fan is probably saying here because it makes no fucking sense what just happened. I don't remember seeing something like this since Roscoe Smith vs Texas

Except this decision by Jarron Cumberland led DIRECTLY to a loss, because of course Cincinnati fouled on the rebound. And of course Colgate (not the toothpaste company) made a free throw and dropped Cincinnati to 6-4. I mean, this is just one of those plays that makes absolutely no sense. I have no explanation to what Jarron Cumberland - a guy some thought would be an All-American - was thinking here. It's pretty clear where the clock is plus he's a senior. 

Fucking college kids, man. You just never know what the hell is going to happen.