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There's Just No Way This Kid Is Old Enough To Be Fighting In The UFC

Chase Hooper just earned himself a pretty stunning come-from-behind win in his debut at UFC 245, and that's all fine and dandy, but I'm gonna need to see his birth certificate before I comment any further on this fight. I don't wanna be caught talking about child abuse here, and I know he swears he's 20, but so does 15 Year Old Steve. 

Seriously, though, the resilience he showed in his first outing under the bright lights was impressive as hell, and the finish he delivered was violent as all hell. I mean, fuck - it looked like he was gonna cave that dude's skull in MVP style! Afterwards, the not-yet-of-legal-age fighter said he planned on hitting up M&M World, and I hope he does!!! Go get you some fuckin M&M's Chase Hooper!!!

Speaking of violence, Matt Brown kicks off the prelims on ESPN2 right now, and, well...

...he's one violent motherfucker. Tune in and follow along!