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If You're Down FIFTY (That's 50) Points And Get Disrespected Like This On The Court, You Gotta Either Fight Or Call The Game

This is one of the most disrespectful dunks we will see this year. It's not even the dunk part, which is filthy in its own right. It's the fact that this is a 50 point game with 8 minutes to go and you have this athletic mountain man coming out of nowhere and dunking on your ass. Then on top of that he pulls out the raise the roof celebration right in your face and I mean right in your face. My man has no worry about getting back on defense, he's got a dunk to celebrate. 

So if you're this NAIA school playing Eastern Washington you have two options. You either gotta fight that man on the spot or you gotta walk off the court. There's no other answer. You can't 'try hard' for the next 8 minutes to lose by 40. You can't run your motion offense to get a bucket after this. You need a goon to tackle him as he's raising the roof. 


Still a filthy dunk by a 6'9" dude named Tanner. Let's be honest, you don't expect a Tanner to pull that off. I do expect a Tanner to raise the roof.