Dion Waiters Cannot Stop Getting Suspended From The Heat


(Sun Sentinel) - The Miami Heat have suspended guard Dion Waiters for the third time this season.

The team on Thursday night released a statement that read:

"The Miami Heat announced today that Dion Waiters has been suspended without pay for his failure to adhere to team policies, violation of team rules and continued insubordination.

"His suspension will begin immediately, and he will be eligible to return following the conclusion of the game against the Utah Jazz on December 23."

Waiters previously had been listed as out due to illness by the Heat, with the team then initially leaving its official NBA injury report blank in advance of Friday night's visit by the Los Angeles Lakers to AmericanAirlines Arena.

Call me crazy but I'm starting to get the impression that Dion Waiters doesn't want to play for the Miami Heat. I mean it's pretty impressive to get suspended three separate times a quarter of the way through a season but then again if you had to guess what player in the NBA might be able to achieve such a feat I feel like Dion is probably pretty high on that list. A reminder that Waiters has played a total of 0 minutes this season and has been active for only 4 games the entire year. 

His first suspension was on opening night, and then he had a 10 game suspension last month when that whole situation happened and the Heat called it "conduct detrimental to the team". If there is one organization that you get the sense doesn't really put up with player's bullshit, it's probably the Heat. You think Pat Riley and Spo are going to allow continued insubordination? No chance. It's not like they need Dion anyways, last time I checked they were the 2 seed in the East at the moment and already have his replacement. The problem of course is Waiters' contract. He has this season at $12.1M and then a fully guaranteed $12.5M next year. Something tells me Pat Riley is going to make sure this dude is dealt in February because it's clear Waiters is never going to stop whatever the hell it is he's doing. Who that will be is anyone's guess because you can't really say his on court production has been worth the headache. I suppose the Knicks should always be considered, they have the contracts to figure it out.

I've searched all morning and I wish there was a leak as to what he did this time. I would believe anything at this point and it's pretty funny that Pat Riley would rather eat the money and just suspend him forever rather than allow him to play. That's a boss move if I've ever seen one. Again, I'm not sure Waiters even gives a shit because clearly these are signs of a man that wants out, but now I want to see just how many times a single player can get suspended in one season. I think Dion has the potential to reach double digits. 

But hey they'll always have these moments!