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Eli Manning Will Start Again This Week Vs. The Dolphins In What Could Be His Final Home Game

Lets all take a moment of silence for all the Eli haters that were laughing like hyenas on Monday night once his career REGULAR SEASON RECORD dipped one-game below .500 (he's still 3 games above .500 if you include those kinda important playoff games).

OK, that's enough respect for those mamalukes. Now lets celebrate that our 2-time, Two-Time, TWO-TIME Super Bowl MVP gets (at least) one more home game to go out on top and give the fans one last great memory before he leaves the franchise. I would say playing a team that appeared to be actively tanking should help Eli's cause in getting that W. But the Giants have a worse record than that team and if you thought DeVante Parker looked unstoppable against the Eagles, just wait until you see what he looks like against the black hole Giants defense that just cut their number 1 corner this morning.


If you faced Lamar Jackson in the fantasy playoffs last night, there is a chance Fitzmagic will be able to bring you back all by himself (or somehow dig you into a deeper hell, but that's how Fitzmagic works).

I have been trying to figure out how Eli can finish with a .500+ career regular season record while also keeping the Giants locked in the 2 spot in the draft considering they play the Dolphins and the Redskins over the next two weeks. But instead of doing those mental gymnastics on what has already been a crazy Friday, I am just going to imagine a 3-13 record, a few nice Daniel Jones performances in losing efforts in Weeks 16 and 17, and this creature wearing blue for the next decade.