Jonathan Kraft Calls Bullshit on Terrorist Glamour Magazine


ESPN BostonPatriots president Jonathan Kraft disputed several elements of a recent Rolling Stone profile of former New England tight end Aaron Hernandez… “It said that Aaron had told Bill that he feared for his life and that his life was in danger and Bill’s response was to tell him to get a safe house and lie low,” Kraft said Thursday in an interview with 98.5 The Sports Hub. “I saw Bill today and I said, ‘Bill, did Aaron ever tell you his life was in danger?’ And he’s like, ‘Absolutely not.’ “If a player had told Bill his life was in danger, Bill would say we’re calling [team director of security] Mark Briggs, we’re calling the authorities… If we had known what people seem to think we know about Aaron Hernandez, we would not have done that deal,” Kraft told the radio station. “And Bill would never threaten a player with being cut 12 months down the road; it makes no sense, both in terms of how you’re interacting with the player and in terms of the cap…” Kraft also defended Briggs and said it was not Belichick who made the decision to replace Frank Mendes, the team’s security chief from 1990 to 2003, with Briggs, as had been reported by Rolling Stone. Because of what he deemed factual inaccuracies, Kraft said he isn’t sure how much of the article is true. “I read that article, and there’s so much in it, and it reads like it’s all factual, people were there, yet there are no named [sources],” Kraft said. “It’s all unnamed, and yet it appears like people are in some very private moments and got the dialogue just right. Nothing is sourced, and reading the article, there were three things or two, three, four things in particular that I saw and I just know are completely factually inaccurate, I mean not close to being factually accurate. Just inaccurate. So I look at it and I read the article, and you wonder how much else in there is.”

Well that does it for me.  I have to admit, as blatant a hatchet job as that article was, as obvious as Ron Borges’ Patriots-hating fingerprints were all over it, I believed some parts of it.  But Kraft the Younger has a great point: If major parts of it a bald-faced lies, how can you trust any of it?  Truth isn’t a buffet.  You can’t pick and choose.  It’s not ala carte, it’s price fixe.  You can’t believe something plausible (Hernandez likes him some chronic) if it’s wedged inside a pack of bald faced lies (Belichick told AHern to get a safe house, Belichick fired Borges’ crony Frank Mendes).  So the whole article is garbage.  Leave it to Son of Kraft to set us straight on that.  Much obliged.

The truth is that there’s only one Patriots player under the influence of Angel Dust: Tim Tebow.  And he’s on the good kind: