Lamar Jackson Handing Out a Stack of His Jerseys to Jets Players Said Everything About the 2019 Season

Say what you will about the Jets - and Lord knows I have - but at least they know when they're defeated. You just can't get any more humbled than swarming around a quarterback who just broke the all time rushing record against you while throwing for 5 touchdowns and getting his name carved into the MVP trophy before the 3rd quarter was over:


... to get signed jerseys from him. Hell, not even game worn jerseys, because you know you're not worthy. The last time I saw something remotely like this was when I went to Rhode Island Comic Con and watched a mile long line of geeks in Cosplay interact with the godlike Stan Lee (RIP). 

And speaking of godlike, I won't argue that Lamar Jackson doesn't deserve the fanboy hero worship. That was his third game of the season with 5 TDs and 0 interceptions. Here is the entire list of guys who have ever done that in a single season:

Tom Brady, 2007

Lamar Jackson, 2019

And if for some reason you're underwhelmed by the fact that Jackson leads in most passing categories (TDs, TD%, QBR) and is right near the top in others (Passer Rating) because you're more of an analytics guy, then this is for you. Because if you adjust Jackson's season to allow for the other things he does with the ball in his hand, including the good (rushing) the bad (sacks) and the ugly (fumbles), his numbers are even better:

Which is why the image of him handing out half a case unworn jerseys to star struck opponents on yet another terrible Jets team is the iconic moment of the 2019 season so far. That moment that the next great NFL superstar arrived, as they so often do, in the white hot spotlight of a prime time game.

And if you're wondering why I'm being complimentary, make no mistake about one thing. I still hate the Ravens like I hate shit in my pants. But I can appreciate greatness when I see it. Especially when it comes in a package as unique as Jackson and the offense he runs. That doesn't mean I'm about to ask for one of his jerseys for Christmas. Just that in a league that is lousy with guys who were supposed to transform their franchises and have failed miserably (nods in the direction of Blake Bortles and Jameis Winston), it's always worth celebrating when the next legitimately good opponent comes along. 


Besides, one of the great joys of the Patriots Dynasty has been watching them beat MVPs in the postseason, from Marshall Faulk and Kurt Warner to Peyton Manning and Steve McNair (co-MVPs the Pats beat in the same playoffs) to Matt Ryan and Patrick Mahomes. It's a postseason tradition in New England unlike any other. 

So celebrate Jackson's one-of-a-kind accomplishments and bring him on in January.  To face a team that won't be fawning over him or lining up for his memorabilia. And who, unlike the 5-9 Jets, will not ever admit they're defeated.