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Long Island Mailman Throws Out Over 1,000 Pieces Of Mail Because He Didn't Want To Deliver It

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NY Post – Forget “snow nor rain,” this mailman was too lazy to deliver the mail in any weather. Ignoring his employer’s reliability mantra, a Long Island postal carrier tossed more than a thousand pieces of mail into Dumpsters along his route — just to avoid the nuisance of having to deliver them, authorities said. Federal agents began monitoring US Postal Service worker Patrick Paskett’s movements earlier this month after Seaford and Massapequa Park residents complained that they weren’t receiving letters and packages, according to a Brooklyn federal court complaint. Special agent Steven DeMayo tracked Paskett’s movements on March 6 and was stunned to see him chucking a stack of mail into a Massapequa Park trash bin. The slothful civil servant, 24, was finally confronted by investigators last week and admitted to hurling postage-bearing mail into trash bins about 15 times between December and this month. “I really don’t want to talk about this with anyone,” Paskett told The Post outside his Massapequa Park home Monday. “It happened. I resigned. I don’t work for them anymore. It’s over.” Paskett began his brief postal career in June, according to the feds. “The defendant, Patrick Paskett, further stated, in sum and substance, that he knew it was wrong to throw away mail,” the complaint states. Paskett revealed several of his favored dumping grounds and agents managed to recover 1,018 pieces of mail that he had discarded at four sites between Feb. 27 and March 6.

When life imitates art. Its a beautiful thing. Like poetry in motion for those of us that subscribe to the MailTime Mantra. A Mailman…mailing it in. You know what the most beautiful part of this is? That he was throwing them in dumpsters along his mail route. Its not like he concocted some scheme like Newman having Jerry deliver his mail for him. Not like he got to just put his feet up and chill at home. He’s still out there on his route. And instead of putting that mail in mailboxes, he decided to just throw it the fuck in the garbage. Thats what I like to call a spiteful Mailtime. Like when you see videos of the Fed Ex guys just throwing boxes and packages right at the front door of the house they are delivery to. They’re right there – they can easily just put the box down gently. And they decide to just wing it as hard as they can. Why? Because fuck work, thats why. No good reason other than I hate what I do every single day and if I can just throw this shit in the dumpster and finish up might right a few minutes early thats exactly what I’m gonna do.

Almost brings a tear to my eye.