Dude At Taco Bell Smashes A Guy With A Chair, Chokes, And Head Butts Him For Not Saying "Excuse Me" After Burping

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TEGA CAY, S.C. (AP) Police in South Carolina are looking for a suspect who apparently doesn’t tolerate bad manners. Tega Cay, S.C., police say a 20-year-old Fort Mill man sat down with a friend at a local Taco Bell restaurant on Sunday when a man in another booth asked him if he had belched without saying “excuse me.” A police report says the man then walked over to the victim, picked up a chair and hit the victim on the left elbow. The victim also told police the man grabbed his throat and tried to head butt him before a restaurant worker told the assailant to leave. The report said the victim suffered a minor cut on his elbow and redness around his throat. Police said the suspect left in a white pickup truck.

I’m not a savage. I have pretty good manners. Like a solid B+/A- performance in the manners department. Not a full blown A+ but I’m all for people showing respect and living like adults. But sometimes you gotta be aware of your surroundings. Gotta take a step back and realize exactly where you are. If I’m in a Taco Bell I’m not gonna expect everyone to be a graduate of Charm School. I’m not gonna expect the same etiquette that you’d see in Buckingham Palace. As long as nobody is shitting their pants inside a TB I consider that a success. Nobody filling their pants with a cheesey gordita dump and no late night violence and I’ll be happy. Gonna have to let burping slide.

Not too mention its a little hypocritical to complain about someone belching and not saying “excuse me” but proceeds to smash them with a chair, choke them and headbutt them. Calm down there, Seabass. Everyone is just trying to just enjoy being high. No need to start a Hardcore Match.

PS – I am CRAVING Taco Bell for lunch right now