So About My Rant This Week On Red Line Radio

Chicago sports strikes again. This time it's the Cubs ownership saying they can't spend any more money and that Anthony Rizzo can't even get a meeting to talk extension. We can't even take care of our own because we're so busy building out the next Catalina Wine Mixer Lounge or wherever else the money is going (shhhhhhhhhh, politics). Now isn't the time or the climate to go cheap on Cubs' fans. At a time when Art Moreno and The Empire and seemingly every big market team is salivating to spend money, the Cubs are back peddling hard. This is the downside of not having a farm system because we can't part with anyone because there's literally no one else. It couldn't be any worse and now I'm starting to rant again. Not my goal. Chicago sports strikes again.

On The Word Cocksucker - If I offended anybody who enjoys sucking dick, please understand that is not my intent. I respect the hustle and don't want you to feel alienated. 

And then finally, maybe I'm overreacting. I'm not, but Maybe I am. There's months left in the offseason to get weird. At this stage I suppose it's to be very clear about the source of my aggravation = don't cry poor.

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PS - Ryan gets it