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Shaq Dropped A Story Last Night Confirming That Stevie Wonder Is Not Blind, He's Just A Big, Fat Liar

I mean this isn't even really breaking news right? We all know that Stevie Wonder isn't 100% blind, it's been one of the most talked about rumors not just here on Barstool (shout out old school KFC for beating this drum) but everywhere on the Internet. But now you have Shaq out here putting Stevie Wonder on blast like, well, you know.

Remember back in the day when this free throw was one of the defining moments of the Stevie Wonder being blind argument? 

No one shoots a free throw that bad. That's an act and I've always thought that. It's just physically impossible for a grown man to shoot a free throw like that blind or not. That's a little something called bad acting if I've ever seen it. 

Well now we have another defining moment in the case against Stevie Wonder being blind and it comes from the greatest show on TV - Inside the NBA. Shaq took a moment off in his war against Chuck to talk about Stevie walking into an elevator saying 'hi Shaq' and hitting a button to a floor. 

This is just part of what makes the Internet the best. You know when this doesn't happen? 1970. Hell, even 1980. But here we are in the year of our Lord 2019 and have a defining moment that solidifies the argument for all of us that know the truth. Stevie ain't blind.