Ravens-Jets "AFC North Division Champs Party At The Bank" Live Blog

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This is not a game. This is a celebration. This is a party. We weren’t supposed to be here. We weren’t supposed to have this opportunity. All summer we were told that the AFC North did not belong to the Ravens, despite them having won the division last year. Everybody tried to crown the Browns. They were feeling the Steelers. All the pundits and Joe Schmo’s and anyone with a microphone didn’t give us a chance. Not even Vegas. They had us a distant 3rd in the preseason odds to win the division crown.

ravens odds

And now all that needs to be done is the dotting of the i’s and the crossing of the t’s of the joke of a football team that is the New York Jets. And at home in front of a national audience no less. Ya gotta love it.

The one thing giving everybody pause is the injury report this week. As soon as people saw that Lamar Jackson had injured his quad, they tried to chalk it up to him being a running QB. They pounced as quickly as they could at the first sign of something that they thought validated their idiotic opinions. Well I’m here to tell you that Lamar is fine. Lamar will run and then he will run some more and after that, he’ll run again. And just when you think you can stop you’ve got him bottled up by stacking the box, he’ll sling the football right over your heads for 6.



But anyway. Tonight’s a party at the Bank. 70,000 Baltimore fans celebrating this run we’re on and the QB who got us there. The MVP of the league. This is only the first celebration of many and we have bigger fish to fry, but with the way that everyone doubted the Ravens in this division, it’s okay to flex on em a bit tonight. We’ve earned that much.

We’re winning another division title tonight y’all. Belee Dat.

Ravens Win 38-13