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The Newest 'Rise of Skywalker' Teaser Seemingly Reveals Shocking Details About The Emperor's Return

Note: If you're trying to go into 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' blind, don't watch this teaser. It reveals more than any of the other trailers have. That being said, it's awesome and I recommend watching it because it'll only build your excitement.

You see that little pun in my headline? *Shocking* details about The Emperor's return? SHOCKING?

I enjoyed that one.

Anyway, Disney dropped a brand new teaser for 'The Rise of Skywalker' today, and we NEED to talk about it, because I thiiiiiink it reveals some pretty awesome shit about The Emperor's return.

We start things off with Kylo Ren's new TIE Whisper coming out of hyperspace (which always looks so dope in the sequel trilogy), and we then see it descending into the atmosphere of some incredibly dark, foggy, storm-filled planet. We've seen this one a few times in trailers now. I presume it's where that old bag Sheev has been hiding out for all of these years.

Kylo arrives, gets out of his ship, and journeys into the lower levels of this planet - lit only by his unstable lightsaber - and we hear the voice of Emperor Palpatine...

"At last, my boi…"

WOAH. Homeboy's talkin to Kylo. Intense. Sounds like he's been waiting a while for him, too, huh?

"I have been every voice…YOU HAVE EVER HEARD…INSIDE YOUR HEAD!"

Here's where shit really gets crazy. If you've watched the trailer already, you know why. If you haven't, check this shit out - SNOKE is the voice we hear saying "YOU HAVE EVER HEARD", and DARTH VADER is the voice we hear saying "INSIDE YOUR HEAD!"

Soooooooooo, could this mean…

The Emperor has been the one pulling the strings all along?! 

It was Palpatine communicating with Kylo Ren through Darth Vader's helmet in 'The Force Awakens'?! 

"Forgive me. I feel it again… the call from light. Supreme Leader senses it. Show me again the power of the darkness, and I'll let nothing stand in our way. Show me, grandfather, and I will finish what you started." -Kylo Ren

Palpatine was the one behind Snoke?! 

"It was I who bridged your minds. I stopped Ren's conflicted soul. I knew he was not strong enough to hide it from you and you were not wise enough to resist the bait." -Snoke

We already know that in-canon, Snoke was infiltrating the mind of Ben Solo since he was incredibly young, and if it turns out that it was Palps all along, that'd be pretty fucked up. It'd also turn Kylo Ren into a waaaaay more tragic character than I ever would have imagined he'd become in a pretty beautiful way, and I'm excited to see Adam Driver convey that. Dude is a POWERHOUSE and possibly the best actor the saga has ever seen. 

I'm not one of the many begging for Kylo's redemption in Episode IX, but this certainly opens my mind to the idea a bit more, so long as he dies/is killed afterwards. Can't drive your saber through Han Solo's chest and play a huge role in the destruction of the Hosnian System and expect to run free in the galaxy afterwards because you made a good choice. That's my take.

LET THE HYPE FLOW THROUGH YOU and let me know what you think in the comments below!!

P.S. Just a thought…