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Colleges Are Now Offering Courses In "Adulting" So Kids Can Function After Graduation

University of California Berkeley

That right there is the University of California-Berkeley. One of America’s finest institutions of higher education. Home to 29 Nobel Prize winners, former US Cabinet members like Bob McNamara, and the greatest media mind of our time, Peter Chernin. And after you’ve spent an annual $60,000 on tuition to attend Berkeley they’ll offer you a class that actually has value: “Adulting”.

(source)–But Wright, who is anticipating his graduation in May, has the self-awareness to know he needed a little something extra to prepare for his launch into a post-college world, that a superior ability to interpret classic literary works may not be enough.

So he signed up for a class on “adulting,” where he is learning to create and stick to a personal budget, build a resume and apply for jobs and navigate romantic relationships in a time when online interactions are eclipsing face-to-face encounters.

“I need to learn how to get this adult thing down and manage life,” Wright said.

The class, which has 30 students enrolled in each section, is led by two Berkeley undergrads who plan discussion topics and schedule guest speakers to fill 90 minutes each week. The “adults in training” are among thousands of people across the country who have signed up for courses that focus on things such as cooking or budgeting or time management.

Our grandparents to our parents: By the time I was your age I had lived through the Great Depression, fought in World War II, and we didn’t have running water or electricity until I was 12

Our Parents’ reaction:

My parents to me: By the time I was you age I was married, had 3 three kids, and bought and sold houses in 4 different states.

My reaction:

My parents seriously did that. Three kids and crisscrossed the country chasing their careers. I am now 33 years-old and I feel like I am just now figuring out how to be an adult. Probably because back when I was in school they didn’t offer a class that taught you how to do things like “talk face to face” and “build a budget”. For a long time I didn’t even really know what it meant to be an adult. Now I realize that being an adult just means doing a bunch of shit that you don’t really want to do. Think of something in your life, anything, and if you do it even though you don’t want to…that should be taught in Adulting Class. Doing your taxes, saving money, having a stable relationship, cleaning, bills, cooking, shopping for necesities, all of that shit. That is being an adult. Colleges across the country will now teach you how to do that for the low low cost of just $60k. I mean a big part of the reason for college is to just teach you how to be independent and learn how to do that shit on your own while you’re studying useless things like physics and english lit. Somewhere along the way that got lost though. Not sure exactly when. I’ll ask my mom when that happened and get back to you guys.

PS: What happens if you fail that class? I feel like if you fail “How To Live 101″ then your entire life is just fucked. You gotta just get really good at video games or something so don’t have to work or become a blogger. That’s your two career choices.