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Major League Baseball Used Some Rare Common Sense Today And Removed Marijuana Off Of Its Banned Substances List

A few years ago if you polled the sports world and asked which league (out of MLB, NBA, or NFL) would remove marijuana from their banned substances list I don't think one person would have said Major League Baseball. They're always so behind on everything. I mean they can't even market their own sport the right way. It took them as long as they did to install replay reviews for Christ's sake, but here we are. Today Major League Baseball officially announced they have removed THC, CBD, and cannabis from the league's banned substances list. Finally some common sense. 

Now I will say, weed has been a common thing in the majors for quite a while. Major League Baseball, just like the NHL, doesn't give a fuck as long as you're not running out to centerfield with a joint in your hand. Players get high after games all the time. What today did was also include the minor leagues in that rule. Minor league baseball players had previously been subjected to a 25-game suspension for the first positive marijuana test, 50 games for the second positive test, 100 games for the third positive test and a lifetime ban for a fourth positive test. Now all levels of baseball are clear. Spark up. Those long bus rides now are just going to be one big hot box. 


If only the NBA and NFL would have this common sense and Iegalize weed in their leagues as well. How the NFL does't allow it is legit crazy town. Those guys put their bodies on the line and risk death in every single game. It should almost be required to get high after a game to relax and take the edge off. Instead Josh Gordon had to be suspended a billion games. Makes sense!

This drug policy change also includes the addition of testing for cocaine and and opioids. Anyone who tests positive will be referred to treatment. The driving force behind all of this is the recent shocking death of Tyler Skaggs and how out of nowhere it came. Skaggs had fentanyl and oxycodone in his system at the time of his death. 

Good job MLB, but also bad job because the stupid 3 batter minimum rule for pitchers got approved and that's going to change the game for the worse. Goddamit that rule sucks so much.