Are We Allowed To Skinny Shame This Sumo Wrestler?

I know we live in a world of overly political correctness. I know that we're supposed to be body positive and all that jazz. But c'mon, man. At some point you need to draw the line. And you want to know what is way way over the line?

Sumo wrestlers who look like they can fit into a size medium. 

I'm sorry if this doesn't jive with the 2019 way of thinking but sumo wrestlers are supposed to be absolute units. If anything, this skinny little twink is appropriating fat guy culture. You can't be a sumo wrestler if you're able to go to the movies and not have to worry about if anybody is going to be sitting in the seat next to you because you won't have enough space. You just cant. 

So I just think we need to tubby this man up a little bit is all. Is that too much to ask for? Like just crush a couple of milkshakes before you go to bed at night. Grab an extra order of fries to eat while you drive him. Any time there's one last slice of pizza left, take it for yourself instead of doing that thing where you ask if anybody else wants it first just because you want to be polite, even though you 10000% want to dominate that slice for yourself. 


I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being a little twig. All I'm saying is that it's just not ideal for being a sumo wrestler. The same way you don't see me out there trying to be a professional basketball player because I'm a 5'8" little bitch who needs to stand on his tippy toes to reach the top shelf of pretty much every cabinet I've ever come across, let alone coming anywhere close to touching the rim. 

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