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In Huggy Bear We Trust: 12/12 College Basketball Picks

bob huggins


1-2 night last night. Not great. Read the rat-line from a mile away on Illinois but Yale ended up coming just short of covering in OT and Fresno State blew it down the stretch those cock suckers. All good though. We regroup today and come back stronger.

West Virginia -15.5 vs Austin Peay

In Huggy Bear we trust. In a small college basketball slate tonight I'm gonna ride with Bob Huggins and the Mountaineers at home. I'm not making this pick because Bob Huggins follows me on twitter (no big deal but kind of a big deal), I'm making the pick because I love West Virginia at home. Press Virginia is too much for Austin Peay to handle. Shoutout Louie Lastik from Remember the Titans though, he went to Austin Peay. Great movie.

Iowa State -4 vs Iowa

I haven't been able to get on the right side of either of these teams this year. I feel like every time I've bet on any game involving a team from Iowa I lose. I can't tell you how sick I am of Luke Garza. That big ugly bastard is so good and it pisses me off. The thing with Iowa is they're slow as hell as a team. I think the Cyclones are gonna be able to run them off the court tonight at home. Gimme Iowa State here and hopefully I can get my first win in the state of Iowa this season.