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KFC Radio: St. Patricks Day Edition

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Phenomenal episode of KFC Radio. We talked about Big Cat shitting his pants at the park, Feits pissing his pants everywhere, me premature ejaculating, and having sex with leprechauns. We debated whether we could hold our breath under water longer than having sober sex with super models at full speed. We tried and failed at counting to 1 million. And we talked little March Madness and gambling

But the big discussion from this episode was this: Whats more likely:

Handsome Hank is given a blank map of the United States, and can successful label 30 states correctly


Dave Portnoy takes a spelling test and spells the 5 following words correctly – Rhythm, Liaison, Daiquiri, Conscientious, and Ferarri Ferrari

We all agreed there was a 0% chance Hank can name all 50 states. But I think 30 is fair. Still very unlikely, but fair. I’m on the record saying that you could give Pres 5 million chances and he still wouldn’t be able to spell those 5 words correctly.

Lets vote. Vote 1 for its more likely that Hank can name 30 states Vote 10 for its more likely that Pres goes 5 for 5 in the spelling test.

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