Today Is The 10,000th Day Since Any Of My Teams Have Won A Championship



Happy anniversary, Mets/Jets/Knicks/Isles fans! Its been 10,000 days since anybody won a championship. October 27, 1986 the Mets beat the Red Sox in Game 7 of the World Series. Since that day we haven’t seen a single banner, trophy, or ring. We’re pushing 30 years at this point, just like me. Which is for sure not a coincidence. Technically I was alive in 1986 to “see” that Mets title and I’m absolutely convinced thats all God is going to give me. As long as I’m on this planet, this drought will continue. Probably got another 10,000 days in me before I kick the bucket in my late 50s/early 60s since I’m a piece of shit. Then I promise you the Mets Jets Knicks and Isles will go on a calendar year Grand Slam and go 4 for 4 with titles. Until that day though, the KFC Mush lives on.

Oh and for all the people that are gonna chime in with how many days its been for Cleveland and other shitty sports towns, think about this: the Giants, Yankees, and Rangers have combined for ten championships in that same time period. So yes, while there are definitely longer droughts out there, none of those other cities have to deal with their inter-city rivals win double digit titles right in their fucking face. The Yankees and Giants both championship royalty in their respective sports with their asshole holier than thou fans mocking us every minute of every day. Thats what separates our miserable sports lives from the likes of Cleveland.

PS – At the same time though they live in Cleveland so thats what takes them to the next level.