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RIPIP To One Of The Best Positions In Sports: The LOOGY

(Boston Globe)

Major League Baseball is pushing ahead with a rules change for 2020 that requires pitchers to face at least three batters or finish a half-inning.

All pitchers must face at least three batters or end a half-inning, unless injured. While the players’ union refused to agree to that provision, it also said it will not challenge it.

Ahhhh, the ‘lefty-one-out-guy’.  Quick – name 5 LOOGYs off the top of your head…. you probably can’t.  But every team has/had one, and it is/was one of the best positions in all of sports, right up there with 3rd string QB, 12th man in the NBA and the goon enforcer in the NHL (I think? idk).  Enter a contest for 2-3 mins, if that, rake in millions, and keep out of the media and public eye for the most part.

But with the new 3 batter minimum rule, the LOOGY is officially dead.  Dead as a goddamn doornail, and that is going to force organizations to adjust big time, because every organization used them.   That, and a LOT of pitchers are about to be out on their asses.  These guys can pitch well into their 30s because they throw about 6 pitches per appearance and provide cheap organization depth.  Seriously, go look up any given LOOGY and he’s probably pitched for about 20 MLB clubs if he’s on the older side.  There’s an old adage that says catching is the best way to reach the majors.  Wrong.  It is (was) the LOOGY.


So, here’s a tribute to you crafty*** lefties – you successfully snaked your way into making millions because you could throw 88MPH with a little bit of arm side run and possessed a slow, loopy curveball.  It was the ultimate hustle in all of sports and anyone who knows me knows I love a good hustle.  I’m all about the big pay day, though I’ve never seen one myself.

If you have access to alcohol right now, pour one out to Zach Duke everybody:

*** Calling a pitcher “crafty” is just about the most insulting thing one can say.  It basically states, “you have no physical ability at all but we can find use out of you because some hitters can’t hit shitty LH pitching”