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LA Man Arrested For Tweeting Out A Pic Of Him With A Sniper Rifle Saying "100 RTs And I'll Shoot Someone Walking"

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LAist – Here’s good lesson on how you shouldn’t post things on Twitter that could land you in jail. The LAPD arrested a man yesterday after he posted a picture of himself aiming a gun with the caption “100 RT’s and I shoot someone walking.” Dakkari Dijon McAnuff, 20, was taken into custody after someone alerted the cops to a picture in his Twitter page, the L.A. Times reports. The picture was of a rifle perched atop a building ledge and pointed at the streets below. McAnuff then posted another picture of someone on the ground near what looks like an LAFD truck with the caption “Man down. Mission completed.” McAnuff’s account was taken down when he was arrested.  McAnuff was traced to his residence at the 700 block of 9th Street in DTLA and promptly arrested, the Times says. Despite the very real look of the gun, the police determined that it was only an airsoft rifle and McAnuff didn’t really shoot anyone, according to the L.A. Weekly. So basically, a dumb stunt for retweets landed McAnuff in jail. He is being held on suspicion of making criminal threats and his bail has been set at $50,000.

Hey pal lets stick to running on the field for retweets Maybe tweet a celebrity saying its your birthday and ask for a retweet that way? Leave the fuckin sniper rifle and the JFK threats out of this. I don’t care if it ended up being an airsoft gun, if you post a picture saying that, you’re a fucking lunatic. Lock that dude up ASAP. Guarantee he put cats in microwaves and shit when he was a kid. Need to Minority Report Pre-Crime this dude and toss him in the slammer.

Although you gotta admit, out of morbid curiosity, what would have went down if that got 100 RTs. I mean if that got one retweet, thats fucked up. Imagine contributing to that cause? I mean wanting to see some dickhead get lit up by stadium security on the mound is one thing. Sniper rifle promises are another story. You know what though? I bet it got a shit ton of “Favorites.” People love favoriting tweets when they don’t want to commit a full retweet to it. Its the biggest cop out move in Twitter. If I was CEO of twitter I would ban favorites. Either you liked my tweet enough to put that shit on your timeline, or you didn’t. None of this “star” shit where you make people feel like you care what they had to say but you really didn’t.