Actually, Getting Into A Drunken Fistfight With Your Buddy About "How I Met Your Mother" Is Perfectly Acceptable

NY Post- A Wisconsin man faces charges for a drunken, bloody fistfight while arguing over the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” officials said. Authorities said Alan Huschka, 33, and a pal drank at a Green Bay Packers game Sunday afternoon before driving to a Janesville bar, news station WDJT reported.

After returning to the car, the pair got into an argument over the CBS series “How I Met Your Mother” and began pummeling each other, the outlet reported. Huschka stopped the vehicle but the duo continued the fight on the side of the road, where his friend socked him several times, authorities said.

Upon responding to the scene, a deputy encountered a blood-soaked Huschka who appeared “extremely intoxicated,” officials said. With one eye swollen nearly shut, Huschka had trouble to keep his balance and struggled to answer the cop’s questions, the report said. When asked whether the dispute was sparked by the sitcom, Huschka laughed and replied, “Yes, we love that show,” according to the report.

I know my guy White Sox Dave blogged this earlier today. But as someone that has been Team WSD long before his redemption story played out live on our airwaves on Cyber Monday, I have to respectfully disagree with my #SonsOfUribe brother on his take about fighting over HIMYM being embarrassing no matter how much we share a love of a certain retired middle infielder with a Coke can hanging between his legs. If he has a problem with that, we can square up next time he's at HQ.

There are many reasons to engage in fisticuffs with someone. Some are noble, such as defending the honor of your family or the franchise you gave your blood, sweat, and tears to for years before it was ruined by a fuccboi billionaire. 


Some are dumb, such as punching someone that stepped on your shoe and smudged your Puma. And some are simply necessary due to the principle of the matter, such as brawling about a TV show, movie, or piece of content you love and cannot understand how someone disagrees with you.

Now I admittedly have never been in a fight in my entire life because I am a soft person, both physically and emotionally. But I could definitely see myself putting my undefeated record on the line after I put a few Pink Whitneys into my system if a How I Met Your Mother debate broke out amongst friends since it was the perfect couples show to watch with your significant other.. If my best buddy in the world said that Lilly isn't the biggest grinch in the whole entire world simply for leaving a wonderful man like Marshall to pursue her art dreams, I'd punch him directly in the face. Same goes for anyone that defends Ted Mosby as being anything but wallpaper as a lead character, Stella as being anything but the devil, the Zoe saga as being anything but a COMPLETE waste of time, and Robin for being anything but the greatest woman ever imagined. Hell, I think I would challenge my own mother to Rough N Rowdy if she said the final season of HIMYM, let alone the dogshit finale, was anything but absolute trash, even if I was as sober as a moose (I feel like this is an expression Sherbatski probably said at one point of the series back when she was feeling extra Canadian, which only made me love her more). Fuck it, lets end the blog with a classic.