The Ravens Are Set To Clinch Back-To-Back AFC North Titles At Home Tonight Against The Jets

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Tonight’s the night!

What a run the Baltimore Ravens have been on. All offseason we had to hear about how the Browns were the cream of the crop in the AFC North. How the Steelers would rebound and how last season’s collapse was a fluke. How Lamar had been exposed against the Chargers and that he could never be a competent NFL passer.

Then they fell in consecutive weeks to fall to 2-2. Played possibly the most frustrating game I’ve ever seen a Ravens team play against the Browns. I’ve never been more livid after a regular season loss. I was so confident that they were a better team than how they played that day. It felt like we had all been betrayed after such a beautiful start to the season. I wrote this blog borne out of pure frustration expressing my disgust. It was long but it was necessary for my mental health. I was pissed all the way off, but was sure to express my belief that if anyone could turn it around, it was John Harbaugh.

Then the Marlon Humphrey punch happened in OT in Pittsburgh. Then “Hell Yeah Coach, Let’s Go For It!” happened in Seattle. Then we wiped the floor with the Patriots on national television. Then we did the same to the AFC South leaders. Then they did it again to the other team from last year’s Super Bowl in their own barn on MNF, where it was such a rout that I published the postgame blog before the end of the 3rd quarter. And then JT booted us past the NFC’s best team. And then we won ugly in windy Buffalo. 9 straight wins against at least 6 (and possibly 7) 2019 playoff teams. It’s one of the more impressive win streaks I’ve ever seen, both in the quality of opponents and in terms of pure dominance. It was so much more than any of us could have expected after the roller coaster that was September.


So tonight brings us the New York Jets. A complete and utter embarrassment to the shield, in a league chock full of them. Their biggest current storyline is about how their overpaid diva of a running back bowled when he was supposed to be in bed with the flu. Somehow that’s not even the biggest illness-related storyline of their season. They’re a joke through and through, and there’s blood in the water tonight in Baltimore.

Packed house. AFC North division there to be had. First round bye all but locked up with a W. MVP under center. It’s a beautiful night to be a Baltimore football fan, belee dat.


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