Don't Care If It's From A Tabloid Or Not, If You Say Eva Mendes Has An "Insatiable Sexual Appetite" Then I'm Going To Believe You

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(Source) —  Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are “butting heads” over her “insatiable sexual appetite,” reports StarA  “source” tells the mag, “Eva wants Ryan all the time. But he works day and night, so he’s always tired.” The purported “insider” alleges, “He can’t keep up with her.”



This probably isn’t true because you know Gosling is smashing Mendez out 100 times a day. Gosling don’t play with that “I’m too tired to fuck” shit, guy is a machine. But here’s the thing, I’m gonna believe it because I heard it. You told me Eva Mendes has an insatiable sexual appetite… you can’t un-ring that bell. Mendes could come out and say she’s a virgin and thinks penises are gross, won’t matter to me. It’s like a judge telling a jury to forget what was just said and have it stricken from the record. Sorry, toots, I heard what I heard. I’m already 3 scenes deep in a fantasy titled Insatiable Latinas and you’re the star. And of course there’s anal in this film. All latinas love anal, that’s common knowledge. Anal and cocaine.