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One MILLION People Sign Petition To Get Netflix To Take Down Comedy About A 'Gay Jesus'

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Source - Netflix has sparked outrage from religious conservatives in Brazil over The First Temptation of Christ, a holiday comedy special depicting Jesus as a gay man.

Nearly one million people (and counting, as of this posting) have signed a Change.org petition calling on Netflix to pull the show.

Says the Netflix synopsis: “Jesus, who’s hitting the big 3-0, brings a surprise guest to meet the family. A Christmas special so wrong, it must be from comedians Porta dos Fundos.”

The NY Daily News reports: “The First Temptation of Christ is the second satirical take on Christmas brought to the web screen by the International Emmy-winning comedy group Porta dos Fundos (or “backdoor” in English), a popular comedy troupe with over 16 million YouTube subscribers. In the 46-minute-long comedy, Jesus and his new friend Orlando arrive at Mary and Joseph’s house, where a group of friends are waiting to throw the Son of God a surprise birthday bash.”

Alright, first of all…we already have a gay Jesus and her name is Jonathan Van Ness.

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Her miracles come in the form makeovers and while she can’t walk on water, she does do a lot of charity. If you don’t believe me watch season one episode one of Queer Eye and see what she does for Tom. As far as the movie goes, it looks God awful. Here’s the trailer:

The basic premise is that Jesus shows up with Orlando (bae) to Joseph’s house for a surprise birthday and things start to unravel. People were so upset about it that the son of the president of Brazil tweeted Netflix trying to get them to get them to take it down.

Translation: We are in favor of freedom of expression, but is it really worth attacking the faith of 86% of the population? 

Which basically means that Netflix has to keep it up. What are they going to do, bow to pressure from the president’s son? No. They’re going to double down and remind Eduardo Bolsonaro that freedom of speech is a basic human right and one that’s encoded in HIS OWN COUNTRY’S consitution (research).

The bottom line is that people are so fucking soft when it comes to religion. God forbid someone cracks a joke their whole world comes to a screeching halt. I’m of the belief that everything and everyone is fair game to be made fun of. Especially if the person or subject matter is being taken too seriously. It reminds them when they’re acting like lunatics. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go stream this movie out of spite. Have a nice day. Long live gay Jesus.