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ESPN Reports Mr. Kraft Talked to Goodell for an Hour in Dallas on the Same Day He was at the White House


The NFL owners' meetings are being held in Dallas as we speak. And they've provided us with the high-octane, nitro-powered adrenaline rush one would normally expect from billionaires holding meetings. We've been treated to the excitement that can only be supplied from old men in suits saying they're looking into matters and discussing what to do about things. We got to hear Roger Goodell say league investigators are league investigating the Antonio Brown league investigation. He also took time to teabag Colin Kaepernick, thus declaring victory in the PR war that was his phony baloney workout.

More importantly, Der Kommissar reportedly talked for an hour with Mr. Kraft, presumably about Spygate 2: Spy Another Day.

Which is interesting for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which is this:


Two reports, not 4 1/2 hours apart, had Mr. Kraft in the room with the most powerful, divisive, megalmonical and polarizing despot in the world, and the President of the United States. In two cities, 1,300 miles apart as the privately owned jumbo jet flies. From Dallas to Dulles. From the site of the White House where the Cowboys used to have cocaine-fueled orgies with hookers, to the White House where the Kennedys used to have cortisone, amphetamine and penicillin-fueled orgies with hookers. From lighting up the rest of the NFL to lighting the Menorah. 

If it were any other man, I'd say it was impossible. Especially a man in his late-ish 70s. But that's the kind of power only Mr. Kraft possesses. To spend morning in the middle of the most exclusive men's club in the world, rubbing elbows with a star chamber of billionaires to sharing the warmth of the holiday season with the First Family. 

Remember when the TV production arm of his empire was caught dead to rights in a terrible cheating scandal? And how everything his team has ever accomplished was being called into question? Or how he was once charged with aiding and abetting a human trafficking ring? And how he supposedly was never going to be able to show his face in public again? Funny how that works out. Because all I saw yesterday was a man who the biggest power brokers in the world want to talk to in person. This what it looks like when a king does king things.