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Kawhi Says He Has A Logo Inside Of His Championship Ring To Remind Him To Put It On His Middle Finger For An 'F You Symbol'

Whoa, look at the Fun Guy over here leaving people wondering if he made a joke or not. I'm personally on the belief that this is 100% serious. This is just how Kawhi operates and part of what makes him currently the best player in the NBA. Remember, this is a dude who recently said he has to TRY to show emotion. 


Now we need to do some investigative journalism and questioning. What logo does he have inside of the championship ring? He's never going to tell us so there are some potential options here. It could be the Spurs logo. It could be his logo that him and Nike are fighting over. It could be the Raptors logo for all we know. 

Fucking Kawhi, man. I can't get enough of listening to him talk and stories about him. I'm absolutely fascinated every time he's on the screen or there's a new thing about him. I need him to keep coming out with these half jokes/half serious quotes. I need him to be self-aware and then go out and kick everyone's ass. 

Kawhi using fuck you motivation against the rest of the league? Well, now everyone is in big, big trouble.