Here's What A Professional Masturba.......Arm Wrestler Looks Like

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Daily Mail- When Matthais Schlitte was 16 he wandered into a bar and  discovered that he was pretty good at arm-wrestling, due to his super human arm.  Over the past decade, Schlitte has travelled the world as a professional arm wrestler, honing his highly developed limb.  The 27-year-old German’s arm measures 46cm around the forearm and has propelled him to eight national championships as well as 14 on an international level.

I don’t like being lied to therefore I don’t like this guy.  He’s lying right to our faces about what he does for a living.  Sure, you’re a professional “arm wrestler”.  Like we haven’t heard that one before.  I guess that’s what I’d tell my parents too I guess.  What other job would explain why one of your biceps is 200 times larger than the other?  Stop the lies, Matthais Schlittie.  It’s time to come clean and stop living a lie.  You’re a professional masturbator.  Which is to say you’re not much different than a smut blogger.  Embrace it.  Your parents will learn to understand.  Just like my parents will one day learn to understand what I do for a living.  Just kidding.  They’ll never understand but who cares.

PS- Try not to smile at the sentence “honing his highly developed limb” in the article.  Great description of a professional masturbator.