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Wake Up With Josh Donaldson Pimping The Ever Loving Shit Out Of A Home Run
With Anthony Rendon off to LA to play with the Angels, it looks like Josh Donaldson will be the next big free agent to sign somewhere. Texas? Washington? Atlanta? Who knows where the bringer of rain is going, but I know where he was going after he launched this bomb in a rehab assignment back with the Blue Jays. He hadn't been cleared to run the bases yet due to a calf injury, so he played baseball like it was a beer league softball game. Hit a dinger? Head back to the dugout. IDC if it was a minor league game or not, I love this move. I think you should have the option to run out a homer or not in the bigs. It's almost a bigger slap in the face to the pitcher if you smack one, and immediately head towards the dugout. It's a savage move. No need to watch where it lands either, he's not worried about it.