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The Anti-Jets Chirping Is In Full Effect

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Listen I’m not delusional. I know what the Jets reputation is in this league. And a lot of it is well deserved. I’m used to the Anti-Jets shit in the media. Of course I understand it from Pats fans – thats just the nature of being in the same division and talking shit and whatnot. I never quite understood it from the rest of the fan bases in the NFL. Why they would even waste their breath half the time hating the Jets seems a little weird to me. And I even understand it sometimes from our own fan base. Lord knows there have been times where I was fed up with this team and openly bashing them.

But this is not one of those times. The amount of people I’ve seen reacting negatively to the Eric Decker signing is borderline insane. Day 1 of free agency all the talk was “The Jets have SO many holes they need to fill on offense.” Then they go and fill one of those holes in an effective manner at reasonable cost and its “Who’s gonna throw him the ball! Stupid signing!” Listen I know Geno Smith isn’t the answer to the franchise’s QB woes but that doesn’t mean you don’t improve other areas of the team. Should the Jets sit by and never get better at any offensive position strictly because they haven’t landed a cornerstone under center? Just sit tight and continue to trot out the worst wide receiver core in the game until a quarterback magically falls down from heaven? No. This league is so geared towards the passing attack and trotting out quite literally the worst receiving core in the game is unacceptable. Will he be as good as he was with Peyton? Of course not. Will he have trouble getting open if hes the only legitimate WR threat on the field? Yes, but if the Jets make another move or perhaps use their first round pick on a wide out, that can change. Will Geno Smith benefit and improve because he now has some talent running routes and catching his balls? 200%. Bottom line is this team got better with this signing. Everyone acknowledge they had holes to fill, and last night they filled one of them without breaking the bank. How can you possibly knock that?? Got the best wide receiver available for 7 mil a year and 15 million guaranteed. Anybody who wants to compare it to the Victor Cruz contract – thats more about Cruz being underpaid than Eric Decker being overpaid. Its not like they signed Decker to a 50 or 60 million dollar contract. 36 over 5 and you can get out after 2 if shit doesn’t work. And its only the first step of more to come.

I understand the Anti-Jets bias when they are acting like total boneheads. Mishandling QBs and off the field drama and shit like that. But John Idzik is not one of those clowns. He runs a tight ship and this was a prudent signing. Bash the Jets all you want for being dumb when they deserve it, but when the facts are laid out right in front of you proving this was a good move, and you’re still trashing the team and the player, you know you’re just a hater.

PS – Yes, everyone loves to throw out how Decker had 600 yards receiving and 8 TDs. Its a valid point but only goes so far. That Denver offense was a bizarre and unique system with Tebow thriving. Can’t compare that to Geno Smith’s Jets.

PPS – I would love the Jets to take a flyer on Hakeem Nicks. The very definition of buying low. He’s still only 26 years old and if he can return to anything even resembling his 75 rec, 1,000 yd self, he’d be worth it. I dont believe there’s much demand for him either – only heard Carolina’s name being thrown out there. Don’t think hes on the Jets radar at all, but just something I’d like to see happen. Take a risk, potentially some high reward. Its a move that the methodical Idzik would probably never make but I for one wouldn’t mind taking a shot.