Jets Sign Eric Decker


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Jessica James let the cat out of the bag a little early with her “SO EXCITED!!!” tweet. Tried to cover it up with something about having a baby and a doctor appointment and yadda yadda. Nobody goes to the baby doctor at 8:30 at night. We all knew what was going on.

So the Jets make their first splash with their $40 million in cap space. Obviously just about anybody is an upgrade at wide receiver right now for the Jets. So you can’t say this team isn’t better with Decker out there. My only concern is if they are paying him like a #1 receiver and relying on him like he’s a number 1 receiver. Because he’s not. He’s a slot guy who benefitted incredibly from the Peyton Manning bump and next year if he’s the only legitimate WR threat with Geno Smith passing to him, his 2014 season will be nothing like 2013.

But hey, at least we got a lot prettier, right? New York just got a lot sexier. Also wife Jessica James isn’t bad looking either.

UPDATE: 5 years, 36.25 mil, 15 mil guaranteed

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I can absolutely live with this. $7.5 a year and only 15 guaranteed. Obviously I still have my concerns about him being as productive without Peyton, but this money isn’t outrageous. Couple him with maybe a first round pick at WR and at least the Jets can be trotting something respectable out there as targets for Geno.

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