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Phil Mickelson Looks To Be Experiencing Some FOMO Over Not Being At The Presidents Cup

So Lefty isn’t on the Presidents Cup team this year and he’s obviously is feeling a bit of FOMO. How could he not? Yeah it’s all the way in Australia but we’ve spoken to many Tour pros who say team events like the Presidents Cup are the most fun. Golf is such an individual sport that the players love when they finally get to be in a team environment and be one of the guys. So that’s the downside of not being on the Presidents Cup team. The upside of it, though? Phil didn’t have to sit on an airplane for 16 hours and instead gets to lay on his gigantic and comfortable couch in a USA onesie sipping coffee out of a trophy. Not terrible.

By the way, I would love a behind the scenes video of that 7-second video and every video Phil makes. I feel like Phil puts so much production into each and every one of his Twitter videos. First he gets a rush of creative genius. Then he hops into a USA onesie, grabs a trophy from his decorated trophy room, pours some Joe into it, jumps on the couch, gets his wife to hop behind the phone and it’s lights, camera, action time.