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I Have No Idea How Anybody Leaves The Ice With Their Life After Bundling A Goalie This Hard

There's been a growing trend in hockey over the years where guys feel the need to fight somebody after every big hit, regardless of whether or not the hit was clean. It's bullshit because a guy shouldn't have to spend 5 minutes in the penalty box for fighting just because he caught someone coming through the neutral zone staring at the puck and crushed them with a shoulder. I'm all for standing up for your teammates and everything but sometimes your boy just gets crushed and that should be the end of it. 

But if someone takes a run at your goalie and absolutely steamrolls him like this?

That's when the entire team needs to come off the bench and beat somebody's ass. To the point where that kid needs to find a way to sneak out of the rink. And to think this kid just skated away like nothing even happened until he got bundled into the net himself. Looked like he was just going off for a casual line change after the whistle. No remorse, no nothing. That right there, my friends, is a psychopath. 

Sidenote: Goalies might want to stop being so cocky with handling the puck. I think if you're that far out of the crease, you should technically be fair game. Still would be a charge or a boarding on this specific play regardless, but you know what I'm saying.