Giants CB Janoris Jenkins Interacts With His Fans On Twitter In The Middle Of Practice: "I Can Only Do My Job...Retard."

NY POST Top cornerback Janoris Jenkins has made it clear the Giants’ 2-11 record isn’t his fault, and he continued to do so on Twitter on Wednesday, posting his stats on the social media website.

When it was pointed out by a user that it hasn’t helped the Giants win any games, Jenkins responded by writing he’s fulfilling his responsibilities.

“I can only do my job … retard,” he tweeted.

Jenkins’ social media rant came as he was receiving treatment on his injured ankle and the rest of his teammates were practicing.

The NFL may be the biggest sport in the world, but there's always going to be the problem of fans not being able to connect with the players as much as they do in the other major sports. While NBA fans are sitting with their toes touching the baseline and literally smack dab in the middle of timeout circles, football players feel like miles away, their faces covered with helmets and masks and darkened visors, dressed head to toe in basically a suit of high-tech armor. So it's always a nice bonus when you get to interact one-on-one with your favorite player, to see a side of him and have access to him that you don't get watching him tackle people on the field. 

Giants fan theGOATlife_ was lucky enough to have one of those interactions today with his favorite player and idol Janoris Jenkins:

Now personally I don't like the R word — I didn't even like typing it out in the headline, quotes or no quotes — but if you're wondering why Janoris felt he had to say it, or why he had to post his stats out of the blue (no pun intended) during his treatment session in the middle of practice during a 2-11 season: 

It's because he's an adult, and adults speak facts.

More facts: