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Old Homeless Man Ranting About Selling Weed On The Subway Just Having A Blast

I want you ladies to know, my wife is dead. Her name is on the lease. Thats why I’m Homeless. She’s dead. Ladies…I’m single. All you gay guys, enjoy your gay life.”

Just wise words from a dude who’s undoubtedly seen it all. Life lessons for all the Cube Monkeys just rotting on the train. He’s selling weed. He’s eating pussy. His girl has a girlfriend – he has threesomes every Sunday night. He’s nice to ugly people, its not their fault they’re ugly.

He started from the bottom and now he’s here. Apparently “here” in this case just means ranting on the 4 train selling weed that he absolutely, 100% does not have. Its gonna get LOW-OOD!