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The Nats Once Had An Agreement To Sign Ronald Acuna But Didn't Pay Up When He Asked For More Money

BRUH. WHAT? Can you imagine???? The Nats could have an outfield of Acuna, Soto, and Robles right now, but the Nats balked (BASEBALL PUN!!!) at giving him more money when he asked. Mother of god that is insane. I get they try to keep the amount they pay the international prospects as low as possible, but boy, what a swing and a miss (BASEBALL PUN NUMBER 2 OH SHIT!!!!!!!) not just doing it. I’m for for every Ronald Acuna who asks for more money and pans out the way he has there are 9 other prospects who don’t get above AA. That is just an unreal story though, the fact the Nats had basically the top 3 position player prospects signed and sealed all at once and then Acuna got away. Definitely one of those “what could have been” type of stories. I mean, sure the Nats whole “winning the World Series” before Soto could tie his own cleats softens the blow x 1000, but man, what an outfield that woulda been. And now it’s a cool little trivia question for your pals at the bar.