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Does CT Get His Third Ring Tonight?

We started on August 28th and now it's finally time to see how this thing wraps up on December 11th.

I've enjoyed the finale thus far. It's had a good mix of physicality/strategy with who is going to carry the bags/carnival games/eating. It looks like it's about to be flipped on its head though once they have to catch a couple hours of rest next to some damn snakes though.

Overall I think that Team UK is still in a strong spot to win even with them getting the 10 minute penalty because they rammed USA out of the way. It does make me wonder how much time Rogan and Dee actually took to solve that math problem though because it feels like it should be closer even though USA has had a ton of issues.

Speaking of that...


It's been a tough go for your boy Paulie. Kinda crazy too because he's performed great the past two seasons, but then he gets to a point where just seems to get stuck? It happened last season with that climbing water challenge and now it's happening in the final. I get that he has a smaller frame and doesn't weigh a ton, but I still didn't expect him to completely gas out like that. You gotta think today's show starts with him being taken out in an ambulance, right? Dude just looks wrecked.

Anyway, this is it for The Challenge in 2019. Let's hope CT, Jordan, and Tori can pull it off. Sorry Leroy.