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Wait, Home Alone Wasn't Filmed Inside The Actual House!?

My childhood was rocked today after watching 'The Movies That Made us: Home Alone' on Netflix last night (pretty decent show, despite the cartoonish narration).

This iconic, amazing house just outside of Chicago...

…is the location for so many Christmas movie memories. Growing up as a kid in the 90's, there were two locations I dreamed of living. Arnold's bedroom in 'Hey Arnold!'…

…or the house from 'Home Alone'.

From the second the movie was released up until roughly 1:00 AM EST on December 11th, I was sure of three things from 'Home Alone': the movie was filmed in Chicago, the house was real and Joe Pesci had to make up a fake dialogue technique to avoid saying the word fuck.

Finding out that all three of those facts are true, but that they filmed the interior house scenes in a fucking high school gymnasium was a complete shock to the system…

As you heard from the video above, the house was simply too small to bring a full crew inside for filming. The photos of the set they built are pretty incredible…

Man, even the front door scenes weren't filmed at the house!?

We've reached "[SPOILER ALERT] isn't real" levels of shock for this.

I won't spoil the other cool facts the series on Netflix reveals, but the other interesting detail regarding the set was about how they filmed the "flooded basement" scene.

Because of the amount of water that flooded the Murphy house, they needed it to run off into something, so, they just used the massive pool inside the high school. The incredibly convenient pool would become the home for one of the movie's final scenes.

Most of the exterior shots of the movie were filmed at the actual home, so don't toss all of your nostalgia out the window just yet. The zip-line scene was really from the house, all of the cars hitting the statue in the driveway were really filmed at the house, and so on and so forth.


Nowadays movie magic means having Jar Jar Binks step in poop or de-aging Robert De Niro, but it's always awesome to see the behind-the-scenes of elaborate practical sets. While it might have been shocking, the peek behind the curtain of this iconic movie (there are so many more awesome details) is more than worth a watch this holiday season.

BONUS COMMENT: While Christmas classics (stream the 12 O'Days of Christmas) are great to listen to during the holiday season, the songs from the legendary John Williams in 'Home Alone' deserve to be on any playlist…

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone.