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Tennis Player Loses Every Single Point In A Match. Not That There's Anything Shady Or Fishy About That At All...

Telegraph - video of an uncoordinated tennis player circulated around the internet this week, drawing amusement from club players who wondered how a Ukrainian named Artem Bahmet came to be playing the first round of qualifying in a $15,000 Futures tournament in Doha.

The initial interest was in the humour of the situation, which saw the woefully incompetent Bahmet lose all 48 points – a “golden match”, in tennis jargon – in a 6-0, 6-0 defeat to world No 1367 Krittin Koaykul of Thailand.

You know how for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? Well in order for people like Roger Federer to exist and be so goddamn incredible at the game of tennis, there needs to be people like Artem Bahmet in the world who are the equal amount terrible. It's still early in his career (1st game ever) but many people are already calling Artem Bahmet the WOAT. It certainly took Federer longer than just one game to achieve the status he's at now so I'd almost say that Bahmet is better at sucking than Federer is at dominating. 


Now if you're confused as all heck right now about how somebody this terrible could be playing a tennis match in any capacity outside of just heading to a local park with a friend, apparently this was some sort of qualifying match for a tournament in Qatar. That should be the first red flag because I feel like Qatar is the corruption capital of the world. That's the only logical reason why the World Cup is going there in 2022 because FIFA and corruption go together like peanut butter and jelly. So now you're telling me that some guy who looks like he's never even picked up a tennis racket before went out to play in a qualifier for a tournament in Qatar which was broadcasted online and people could place wagers on the match?

Telegraph - An online forum in Russian, which is dedicated to tennis betting, featured posts from gamblers claiming to be Bahmet’s accomplices, along with screenshots of bets that seemed to have placed.

If genuine, these bets raised €2,203.54 from an investment of around half that amount. One of the posters wrote “Bets on this match paid for a trip of two people to Doha and a week in an excellent hotel, and also earned good money from above. And this is only part of the potential profit from the trip. All week, Mont and Artem will be at the tournament, give forecasts directly from the courts, and next week they will again play in qualifications and bet against themselves.”

I mean you shouldn't even need the screenshots of bet slips to realize that this was match fixing. The fact that anybody didn't sniff it out from the first serve leads me to believe whoever was running the tournament was in on it, too. You mean to tell me that this random dude paid an entry fee to play in this tournament, walked onto the court, served like he had never watched tennis before in his life, and you didn't immediately start to think that something was going down? They didn't even attempt to make it look believable. I guess you have to at least respect the balls of these guys to be so blatant about it and then continue to brag about the winnings after the fact. It's like robbing a bank whilst wearing a shirt that has your ID printed on it.