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Revis To Be Released, He's Not Coming To The Jets

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I won’t lie – there’s a battered, abused, and stupid part of me that’s envisioning a healthy Revis locking down half the field while Rex blitzes his dick off. Sons of Anarchy up front, Revis Island in the back. Would be terrifying. The shitty Jets secondary is the only thing stopping this defense from being an elite unit and Darrelle Revis potentially could fix all that. There’s also a part of me that would be absolutely devastated if Revis signed with the Pats, which seems to be a very distinct possibility.

But lets not be ridiculous here. Idzik is not gonna go down this road. He was brought in here specifically to move on from the Tannenbaum Regime. He’s not gonna go back to the well to sign a guy with a history of malcontent hold outs, and a guy who specifically called him a liar during last year’s trade negotiations. Darrelle’s best years are behind him, and the Jets are focused on looking ahead to the future, not behind to the past. Verner and Vontae are better, more realistic, less complicated options in the free agency market. Shit, I’d think signing Cromartie again on the cheap would be wiser than starting up another Darrelle Revis/New York Jets shit storm.