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Another Chick Says She Has Disease Where She Suffers From Constant Orgasms

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The Star – Heather McCuen, 40, suffers from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) which began when she became pregnant. In a desperate stab at a normal life, Heather has tried intimate botox jabs, anti-depressants and even electric-shock therapy, to rid her of her debilitating illness. The treatments have cost £6,000 and failed to cure her of her embarrassing condition. Heather told The Sun: “Having orgasms all day might sound like fun but for me, it’s a living hell.” The mum, from South Carolina, was so distraught at the constant orgasms and need to masturbate that she felt compelled to end her own life. “I sat down and wrote suicide notes to my family, explaining I was sick of feeling this way and felt the only way out was to leave them behind,” she said.  Heather, who lives with husband Jeremy and son, Jonah, cannot even share a bed with her partner and has to sleep alone. She added: “Now I just want my normal life back. Jeremy and I haven’t shared a bed for all that time and sex is out of the question. “Before we had a brilliant sex life but now if we sleep together it sets me off having to have orgasm after orgasm for days.” Even basic household chores are a no-go as the vibrations from washing or cleaning could set off her orgasms again. PGAD is a recent phenomenon and was first described in medical literature in 2011. Sufferers have uncontrollable orgasms which are unrelated to any feelings of sexual desire.

Sick of these chicks. Every year there’s a few stories about chicks who can’t stop their pussy from coming. Funny how Persisnt Genital Arousal Disorder is a “recent phenomenon” and only started appearing in medical journals in 2011. AKA some chick was looking for attention, made this shit up, and some hack doctor wrote a report about it. Now theres a couple batshit crazy attention whores who say they cum all day long just get get in the papers and shit.

And you know why they do it? Because technically nobody can prove them wrong. Because the Female Orgasm is some made up shit. I’m still not convinced the entire female population isn’t faking them. There’s only one woman on earth I know is orgasming for real and thats Cythera. Bitch goes off like a fire hydrant and wobbles like she’s having a seizure. The rest of the “orgasms” are nothing more than figments of your imagination. So when this chick is telling me shes cumming a hundred times a day its like she’s telling me she hung out with Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny or was abducted by aliens or something. Yea she’s definitely lying but I can’t prove a thing. Nobody can prove whether a pussy is really truly orgasming or not.