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Cop, To Cowboys DT Antwaun Woods: "Alright, So Listen — You've Got Too Much Marijuana."

NY POSTVideo from the Frisco Police Department of Cowboys defensive tackle Antwaun Woods’ arrest shows the arresting officer tell Woods as politely as possible that he had too much weed in his car.

“All right, so listen, you’ve got too much marijuana, OK? So just place your hands behind your back, you’re gonna be placed under arrest,” the officer tells Woods, 26. 

There's no better barometer for how your team is doing this season than their police records.  Well, record maybe. Record is a good representation. But other than record, "who is being arrested for what" is right up there. You think a marijuana arrest happens for a player from a 12-1 Cowboys team? 

And for those unfamiliar with the Texas area, the city of Frisco is part of Dallas-Fort Worth. Key word: Dallas. Literally the hometown police and they won't look the other way on a little bit of weed. That's a textbook "6-7 with a loss to Mitch Trubisky" handcuffing. You want to ride around hotboxing the whip? Gotta at least break .500.


I do love the cop though. No power trip here. Not a hardass looking to make a big display. Just, "you've got too much marijuana." Simple as that. You've got pot, and it's too much. 

“C’mon bro, you serious?” Woods asked.

“I have no choice, I have no option. You’ve got a lot of marijuana. I can’t do anything about that,” the cop said.


Is it really "too much" though? I mean look at this big boy.

Dude doesn't even fit into the fuckin cop car.

As he had trouble fitting into the police vehicle, the lineman asked the officer to call Woods’ wife and kids from Woods’ phone.

Antwaun Woods' 2-4 ounces is everyone else's dimebag.