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Father Interrupts Daughter Streaming On Twitch, Says It's Not His Fault She Can't Come Up With "Good Content"

KBubblez is a pretty big Twitch streamer. She has 23k followers on Twitter, 39k on Instagram, and another 104k on Twitch.

Although those are big-time numbers, KBubblez is still a disappointment to her father if this video is any indication:


"You push the envelopes every day....I don't even log onto your streams because I could be embarrassed at any moment."

Did somebody say daddy issues?

"You don't think of anybody else. You just think of you. Look at you!"

This is when it started to get mean. 

"It's not my fault you can't come up with any content."

The most 2019 father comment of all time. This is where we are in society. Our parents are yelling at their children for not producing good content. 

I loved KBubblez reaction. Nothing you can do except give your dad this face when he is yelling at you for not producing content:

Here is the full argument:

This argument happened 2 years ago. Since then KBubblez has blossomed into a star. So, ladies, if you're out there streaming on Twitch and your father is yelling at you for not producing good content, just keep at it. You could be the next KBubblez. She even has her own gaming chair now: