Today Is The 8 Year Anniversary of Indiana Basketball's Greatest Accomplishment Since The Old Guy In A Sweater Vest

To me, "The Shot" is MJ hitting the game winner against the Jazz in Game 6 of the 1989 NBA Finals. But that's irrelevant to Hoosier fans. Their version was the "Watshot" which was Christian Watford hitting the 3 against #1 ranked Kentucky in 2011. It truly was an unreal shot. I remember sitting on the edge of my couch PRAYING that the Wildcats would hold on only to get my heart ripped out by Watford and Hoosier nation. 

Just like my doctor when I was born, I was disgusted yet amazed.

I've said it before in my IU Football blog, but I might be the only Hoosier born native that doesn't support IUBB. It's not because of the team, it's 100% because of the fan base. According to them, every year is "the year" and every time you try to banter with them after a big loss, they pull the 5 Banners Card out quicker than an MP5 with the Sleight of Hand perk from COD. Just like arguing with an alcoholic, you can't win. The campus, Little 5, the women...all pretty awesome, but good lord are the fans something else.

Hell, almost everyone in the state has been more successful than IUBB recently. Since 2009, IU has had 2 Big Ten Titles, but only FOUR tournament appearances with all of them being nothing more than a Sweet Sixteen. Purdue in the same time frame has 3 Big Ten Titles, EIGHT tournament appearances with 2 Sweet Sixteens and an Elite Eight last year. That's right, Purdue is better than IU. Not only in basketball but drinking too.

What about Butler and Notre Dame you may ask? They each have SEVEN tournament appearances. Butler has back-to-back title games and a Sweet Sixteen. Notre Dame has 2 Elite Eights. The only school in Indiana that you Hoosiers are better than is IUPUI, but is that saying much?

Also, remember when Bob Knight told Dan Patrick he hopes all of the hierarchy at IU die?? Because I actually forgot about it.

When your best coach doesn't want to come back due to a combination of a shady trustees board and anger management, you know something is up.

I'll respect IU for having guys like Eric Gordon and Victor Oladipo, but there's been nothing to go crazy about in the last 30 years or so. Don't get me started on the Romeo Langford hype train from last season. Did they even go to the tournament? No. The best thing IU can do is make it to the Sweet Sixteen and reminisce living in the 80's. But what do I know? I'm an IUPUI Jaguar and don't know shit about a winning culture. We've only been to the NCAA tournament once (2003) and the only notable record we hold is the most criminal offenses on campus.

Happy Watshot Day, Hoosier Nation. Good luck against Uconn tonight. Roll Jags.