Plastic Surgeon Creates "Perfect Wife" Then Asks Her To Marry Him

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DMA plastic surgeon has used his body sculpting skills to create his dream woman before proposing to her on their first date. Dr David Matlock met his bride Veronica, 38, in 2007 when she was 40lbs heavier and visited him seeking what is commonly known as ‘designer vagina’ surgery after giving birth to her daughter Isabella, now aged nine. As well as the vaginoplasty, Dr Matlock suggested that the beautiful brunette also undergo a ‘Wonder Woman Makeover’, involving liposuction of the chin, arms, and legs, and a Brazilian butt lift. ‘I couldn’t even look into his eyes because of the reason I was there,’ she said. ‘I was so shy and bashful, but he says it was love at first sight.’ Dr Matlock then took the now Mrs Matlock out for a date, immediately proposed to her, and has been helping her to enhance her figure ever since. ‘I didn’t see her weight then, I just knew what I wanted to do,’ he said of their first meeting. ‘She opted for everything I suggested. Even marriage.’



Pretty genius move here by Dr. Matlock. Having a hard time finding a wife? Trouble meeting a women with the right personality and the right measurements? Just make one. Plain and simple. Don’t troll dating sites and get set-up by your friends with this “really sweet” girl who’s newly single. Just make yourself a Wonder Woman. Efficient as fuck. Get a gal with a good personality then tell her all of her flaws and obliterate her self-confidence then propose to her. Suck all that fat out of her chin, arms and legs. Tighten that ass up. Slap on a designer vagina and bingo, bango, bongo… perfect wife.